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Sunday, April 24, 2005


Tony Blair and the War against Iraq

A damaging document surfaces 11 days before the polls

Ever since Tony Blair involved Britain in the war against Iraq, there has been numerous questions raised in and outside the British Parliament about the legality of the decision. It was legal opinion by Attorney General Oliver Goldsmith that Prime Minister Blair used to support his position. However, the full report was never released despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of British citizens felt that it should be.

Now, 11 days before the polls open in England, the 13-page legal opinion submitted by Justice Goldsmith has leaked out.

The war, named "Operation Iraqi Freedom", began 9:34 PM EST on March 19, 2003 (5:34 AM local time in Baghdad on March 20). According to the leaked document, Justice Goldsmith issued his report on March 7, 2003. It expressed "serious reservations about the legality of the conflict" and spelled out six reasons why Blair could be in violation of international law. "Ten days later, he apparently changed his mind, delivering a summary to Blair declaring the war was legal - the cue for the invasion."

The timing of the leak couldn't have been worse for the prime minister. But he is an eloquent speaker, fast on his feet. He is going to survive. One question that the Goldsmith document will not answer is why did the prime minister feel the need so strongly to align himself and his nation in the unjustified war.

The Observer,UK:
"An ICM poll carried out for Vote for Peace, which campaigns for anti-war MPs in marginal constituencies, found this weekend that only seven per cent of Britons would support a US-led war on Iran without UN agreement. More than a third would not support it in any circumstances."

Blair and Iraq War

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