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Friday, June 10, 2005


Damsels in Distress - "The Medium is The Message"

"Some day historians will look back at America in the decade bracketing the turn of the 21st century and identify the era's major themes: Religious fundamentalism. Terrorism. War in Iraq. Economic dislocation. Bioengineering. Information technology. Nuclear proliferation. Globalization. The rise of superpower China.

And, of course, Damsels in Distress."

Eugene Robinson's article in today's Washington Post, "(White ) Women We Love", is going to ruffle some feathers. He said what needed to be said.

There is no question that the public's interest in such news is largely fueled by the media. The media nurtures the reports, embellishes them, does all it can to keep the stories alive simply because there is a market for them. Media goes where the money is, and there is a lot of money to be made from unhealthy fascination in reports about "damsels in distress", especially when the damsels are white.

Washington Post-Eugene Robinson

(White) Women We Love

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