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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Lawrence, Massachusetts experiences a soldier's trauma

Another face of the war

It was a matter of time. Some become inured to the horrors of war; some find recourse in prayers; others in drugs and/or alcohol. For Sgt. Daniel Cotnoir, Marine Reservist in Mortuary Affairs Unit, the memories became unbearable. He reacted.....violently. There are other soldiers who are struggling with their personal demons after returning from Iraq. They need psychiatric care to help them cope. The incident in Lawrence is an urgent reminder to reach out to them before they,too, go over the edge.

Daniel Cotnoir was responsible for collecting remains of fellow marines killed in action. He was selected for this duty because in civilian life he was director of a funeral home in Lawrence, MA.

On August 15th Daniel Cotnoir shot into a crowd from his apartment and injured two persons. He said he feared for his family's safety.


Musafir, I have been warning people since the start of this regrettable, so called war that the soldiers that are coming home are going to be affected by the stress of combat!!But wait...these same people are becoming our police officers, neighbors, etc.
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