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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Iraqis and The Ministry of Defence Poll

"Millions believe attacks against British troops justified"
The report in the Post by John Anderson and Steve Fainaru "Four were slain by mob last month" gives credibility to the item in The Sunday Telegraph (UK) about a secret poll conducted by the Ministry of Defence. According to the poll majority of Iraqis support insurgents' actions against coalition forces. This makes a hole in all the hyperbole from President Bush and high ranking officials regarding support from Iraqi civilians. How do they feel about attacks against coalition forces as well as claims for improved infrastructure and security in the country ? The answers are revealing but not surprising. Incidentally, 329 American soldiers have died in Iraq since May 31st when VP Cheney declared that the insurgents were "....in their last throes". Source: Iraq Coalition Casualties.org

Excerpt from the Sunday Telegraph report:

"The secret poll appears to contradict claims made by Gen Sir Mike Jackson, the Chief of the General Staff, who only days ago congratulated British soldiers for "supporting the Iraqi people in building a new and better Iraq".

Andrew Robathan, a former member of the SAS and the Tory shadow defence minister, said last night that the poll clearly showed a complete failure of Government policy."

When coalition (mainly US) forces continue to kill innocent Iraqis during military operations against insurgents, we cannot expect support from Iraqis. It is easy to to describe such casualties as "collateral damage" but that does not heal the wounds of surviving family members. There is bitterness and hatred. We are a long way from winning their hearts and minds.

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