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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Judith Miller's 85 Days in Prison

The Dark Labyrinth of Her Mind

There were doubts about her motives and hints that reasons other than "protecting her source" made her decide to remain silent and go to prison. Today's Washington Post carries a report "Lawyer Casts Blame on Reporter for Time in Jail" by Carol D. Leonnig that sheds some light but does not fully explain the circumstances. Perhaps Ms. Miller went to prison to benefit from the "tell all" book that is supposedly in the works. As the reporter who contributed a series of stories about Saddan Hussein's non-existent WMD which the NY Times management was guilty of publishing without checking facts, Ms. Miller will undoubtedly create a partly fictional account of her role in the Plame affair.

Visited today.Never even heard of Judith Miller before. Keep on blogging brother.
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