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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


"Mean Jean" Schmidt, VP Cheney - Attack Dogs Doing Their Thing

"Maligning Murtha"
President Bush using the Good Cop, Bad Cop strategy ? He is sort of desperate. Learned from The Guardian that he went to Mongolia and praised his hosts for sending 160 troops to "coalition" forces in Iraq. In his Media Notes column, Howard Kurtz , Washington Post ,reports about the vicious attacks on Rep. Murtha by Republicans to shore up support for the president. "Anyway, Schmidt's defenders say she didn't realize Murtha had been a Marine. But her Ohio nickname will probably stick, thanks to this NYT profile:

"She grew up in the rough-and-tumble of a family auto racing business, went through concealed-weapons training, and bears a local nickname seldom applied to shrinking violets: 'Mean Jean.'"

And the guy she dug up to smear Rep. Murtha ? Col. Danny Bubp, a Marine reservist, a crusader for Christian right. The VP needs no introduction. He was the one who said ''I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency." (CNN, May 30, 2005). Death toll for November: 68. Incidentally, VP Cheney took five (5) draft deferments during the Vietnam War.

Schmidt's actions slams Ohio financially.

I've followed Jean Schmidt's way to the congress since I started to look into the 2nd district congressional election with Hackett vs Schmidt. Since I'm from Sweden Europe I have no clue of how things are in Ohio but I can say this:

Schmidt even before the election looked like a very strange person, with strange ways of behaviors and moral values. She already back than said things that left my girlfriend with tongue out and rolling eyes. She is a disgrace to Ohio.

Hackett looked to be a much better choice to represent the second district of Ohio and today I still wonder what actually happened in Ohio during this election.

How can I, sitting in Sweden, halfway across the world from Ohio, make the choice of which candidate is the best when you people from Ohio can't.

Maybe it is just because of that...my distance to the political history and culture in Ohio that makes this possible. I see the candidates in cold hard facts and can't tie any political history or culture to it.

The election of Jean Schmidt to represent the second district of Ohio is a shame and a disgrace to that district. When you elect a person to represent you, your choice will backfire on you if you make the wrong choice. Look here now...I will just take an example of what happened in this distance far from you. I happen to know a speechwriter to a top politician in our government's trade department . He said that this trade politician had seen the video clip on the internet site Daily Kos and he said spontaneously "what a mean person, that's how a typical American politician act in politics".

See now what consequences that gets when our larger companies are thinking to invest in Ohio. For a company to invest largely in a district need contacts with local politicians. Who in God's name do you think dare or even want to take a contact or planning a long term action that request contact with such a politician that even viciously smears a veteran and than later blames another guy for it and this guy are telling the media that he had nothing to do with it and regret even been named in the process.

Come on guys, this really sends the wrong signals for the people that decide to invest in Ohio.

You people from Ohio that sent this woman Jean Schmidt to the congress look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you see and tell me now if you made the right choice for Ohio and the people that get their living and feed their family from working.

Markus Fors, Sweden, Europe
Thank you for taking the time to give us background information about Ohio Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.

I am not from Ohio. During the 2004 election, there were some questions about vote counts in Ohio. It is up to the Ohioans to do what is right. As long as they elect the likes of Jean Schmidt to represent them, I don't expect things to be different.

Ohio has paid a heavy price in terms of soldiers from the state who died in Iraq. Time will tell whether that will have an impact on the voters of Ohio.
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