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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


A Soldier and His Son - Murder or Mercy Killing ?

Who can rightfully be the judge ?
"The trial at Lewes crown court highlighted the plight of children afflicted with Hunter syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, and the pressures imposed on parents caring for them. The condition progressively denies victims their hearing and speech and renders them incontinent before they enter a vegetative state. Sufferers such as 10-year-old Jacob Wragg, who had a severe form, are normally dead by their mid-teens." The item in Guardian,UK, made me think about the painful situation faced by former SAS soldier Andrew Wragg who was found guilty of manslaughter but cleared of the charge of murdering his 10 year old son Jacob. A strong supporter of euthanasia for terminally ill people who do not want to continue living, I found myself asking what I would have done faced with a similar situation. Jacob Wragg was not capable of expressing his wish. The decision to end his life was made by Andrew Wragg and his wife, Mary. Would I have been able to smother my son to death ? Frankly, I don't know. Only parents who cope with the daily heartache and hopelessness of caring for a child in vegetative state have the right to comment whether it was right or wrong. I do not condemn Andrew Wragg.

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