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Monday, January 30, 2006


Corrupt Republicans ! What Happened to the Champions of Moral Values ?

Chickens come home to roost
What goes around comes around. Time for Republican lawmakers to answer for what they have been doing since gaining control of both houses of Congress. They acted like they were invincible and could get away with openly pandering to those who contributed to their campaign chests, wined and dined them,offered free trips to play golf and skyboxes at ball games. For them there was no tomorrow, and to heck with constituents. The situation has changed. The Washington Post reports "In eight concise paragraphs, two moderate and two conservative House Republicans put into writing last week what they say many of their colleagues quietly fear: the GOP's plunging poll numbers, rising public support for a Congress controlled by Democrats and the increasing belief among voters that the Republican Party is corrupt."

So, there is panic among the Republicans. Serves them right. Lawmakers on the take,however, are not a rarity among Democrats. Let's hope that they will remember what is happening to the members across the aisle.

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