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Saturday, January 14, 2006


Den of Thieves

Always available, always ready...to sell us down the river
Fallout from Jack Abramoff's plea bargain continues. Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) is reported to be concerned about chairmanship of the House Administration Committee by Robert Ney (R-Ohio). These are the same jokers who lead the move to change names of french fries and french toast to freedom fries and freedom toast in the House cafetaria to retaliate against the French Government's refusal to support the war against Iraq. Jonathan Weisman in the Post: "Ney was not named in Abramoff's plea agreement, but his staff has said he is the lawmaker identified in the court documents as "Representative #1." Abramoff acknowledged that he and former partner Michael Scanlon gave the lawmaker gifts including expense-paid trips to the Super Bowl, golf outings in Scotland, concerts and campaign contributions."

Are Speaker Hastert's hands clean ? He must have had blinkers on not to be aware of what was going on in his shop.

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