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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The Arms Merchants - Nations that Profit from War and Deaths

One thing leads to another. Reading former President Jimmy Carter's comments about the nuclear deal with India and the dangers of nuclear proliferation made me think of the very lucrative trading in arms and ammunition in which all major nations take part. An Israeli friend,currently in graduate school in the USA, to whom I had forwarded the Washington Post article "Of Israel,Harvard and David Duke" (March 26,2006) commented:
Whether or not one agrees with her view, it is indisputable that the United States ranks No.1 among the nations that do a thriving business selling weapons of war--weapons of death--followed by Britain,Russia,France,China. Israel,Canada and Germany rank among the top ten.

The web site of Federation of American Scientists (FAS) contains a wealth of facts including the following:

The Global Picture

Human Rights


  • Of the active conflicts in 1999, the United States supplied arms or military technology to parties in more than 92% of them --39 out of 42. In over one-third of these conflicts - 18 out of 42 - the United States provided from 10% to 90% of the arms imported by one side of the dispute.
  • Between 1986 and 1995 the United States delivered $42 billion worth of armaments to parties in 45 ongoing conflicts.
  • U.S. arms or U.S. military technology were used by adversaries confronting U.S. soldiers in Panama, Iraq, Somalia, and Haiti. A significant portion of the $6 billion in covert U.S. arms and training sent to Afghan rebel groups in the 1980s was funneled to right-wing Islamic fundamentalist forces that now use these resources to attack U.S. allies and citizens.
It is not a joke---for those who are not aware, every year our State Department issues a report listing countries that violate human rights! In the latest report it mentioned China among others. China lashed back listing a litany of human rights violations by the United States. And so it goes.


Think about it - do you think anyone wants to buy weapons from Holland? How about Belgium? The reason America supplies the weapons is that we have the means, ability and expertise to make them. Do you really think that it is a problem to sell weapons to the UK, Australia, New Zealand or even Saudi Arabia? Remember if possible always BLAME America first. The best ally that the terrorists have are the liberal democrats in America.
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Ah, the "liberal democrats" and their love for terrorists. With the warrior in the White House you have nothing to worry.

Think about it--how many Iraqis were involved in the attacks on 9/11? None. How many Iraqi civilians have died in the war? More than 30,000, the majority from military actions. Perhaps you are one of those who are unable to differentiate between peaceful civilians and insurgents.

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