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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Iraqi 'Dead Poets' Society' - Shattered Dreams

It was on March 20, 2003, that the first missiles fell on Baghdad. Almost three years have elapsed since the beginning of Operation of Iraqi Freedom. "Three Years On" is the title of an article in the Sunday Observer (Guardian), UK, in which eight persons affected by the war express their feelings. The poet; the journalist's widow; the politician; the Iraqi mother; the civil servant; the British soldier; the American mother; and the US veteran. Visit the Guardian website and spend a few minutes to read what they said. Here is the poet:

'My mission was to try and rehumanise our society'
Abdullah al-Baghdadi, 41, a poet, lives in the Karrada district of Baghdad

McCain Lines Up for 2008

After his appearance and spirited expression of support for the president at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference being held at Memphis,TN, Senator John McCain left no doubt that he would be a contender in 2008. His words indicated that on foreign policy issues he would act no differently than G.W. Bush. Political expediency or does McCain really feel that way? The Arizona senator was full-throated in his support for Bush on Iraq, Iran and even the now-defunct Dubai seaports deal. In doing so, he continued to establish his bona fides as the Republican most likely to defend and extend the president's controversial foreign policy record. At the same time, McCain delivered a stern condemnation of fiscal profligacy and corruption in Washington that was rooted in his reputation as an advocate of change and an antagonist of pork-barrel spending.


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