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Monday, May 22, 2006


Eurovision 2006 - The Finns Rocked the World

Euphoria in Finland * A Mother Grieves in Iraq

The Finnish hard rock group Lordi, named after the lead singer, caused a sensation at the Eurovision Song Festival in Athens, Greece. The mask-wearing heavy metal band won the top prize.

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As expected, there were comments about satan worship and such weird stuff. One can discount them. Lordi and his group make music....music that is not quite my cup of tea but I am glad for the Finns and Lordi. The competition was fierce and they deserve their place in the sun.
Mothers and Sons. There are many parents here in America and in Iraq who worry about their sons in the combat zone. Some will not come home. Ellen Knickmeyer's article, An Iraqi Mother's Most Dreaded Mission, is a must read. It depicts the anxiety and the suffering of all parents. "Searching for missing loved ones has become a common mission -- especially for Sunni families -- in Baghdad in recent months as sectarian violence has surged. Fahdriya and family members agreed to let a reporter accompany them for parts of their search. Other events were recounted in interviews."

Listening to: Gothic Voices, Sequences and hymns by Abbess Hildegarde of Bingen (1170)
Emma Kirkby directed by Christopher Page
Hyperion CDA66039

Its all a pack of lies! Germany has won the Contest!

Eurovision: The German Horrorkabinett wins Song-Contest!
They cant govern and they cant sing neither: Still the German Horror-Kabinett won!
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Eurovision: German Horror-Kabinett wins!
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