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Friday, June 09, 2006


End of an Era, the Tom DeLay Era

Does it mean the end of take no prisoners, mean-spirited politics ? Former House majority leader, Tom DeLay, aka the Hammer, aka the Exterminator, lived up to his records. His farewell speech before the 109th Congress on June 8th was typical DeLay. " DeLay suggested that pundits who complain about 'the divisive partisan rancor that supposedly weakens our democracy' are merely nostalgic for the days when most Republicans meekly accepted minority status. DeLay was never one of those Republicans. "The common lament over the recent rise in political partisanship is often nothing more than a veiled complaint about the recent rise of political conservatism," DeLay said.

I hope that Democrats succeed in regaining majority in Congress. But adoption of the tactics that DeLay so successfully used against them and continuation of unethical practices are not what I want to see. I abhor Tom DeLay and his ilk. If Democrats decide to follow his footsteps I shall detest them too. Congress will never be clean but it can be less dirty than what the bloviating hypocrites have turned it into.

Ann Coulter

Lot of noise in the blogosphere about Ann Coulter. I have heard of her but never paid any attention. Ms Coulter and her supporters will survive without me just as I shall survive without them.

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