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Thursday, October 26, 2006


Beat the Drum Slowly

Depressing to read that the number of dead soldiers this month in Iraq is nearing 100. Five more days to go before the end of October. As to Iraqi civilian casualties, the number -- even if you accept the minimum -- is staggering but deaths of Iraqi civilians do not seem to have much of an impact on Americans.

Women Against War

BEAT THE DRUM SLOWLY is a grass roots movement to record all women everywhere on the peace anthem, "She Came Riding Up Slowly". Music has the ability to reach across all lines quickly and communicate. This song seeks to reach beyond political and religious affiliations to the most powerful and influential group on the planet:


I, for one, have had enough: thousands of years of war and atrocity in the name of Power and God. Women are half the population of the world. We know children are born with no inherent hatred for race, religion or country. And yet we raise them to believe there are reasons to kill. What if none of us did that anymore?

A darling of the right-wing talk shows, Rush Limbaugh, caused an uproar by his statement about the tv ad in which Michael J. Fox supported lifting restrictions on stem cell research. Typical. Fox suffers from Parkinson's disease.

Iraq-Casualties-Limbaugh-Michael J Fox Parkinson's Disease

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