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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Spring is Around the Corner

Sitting quietly, doing nothing

Spring Comes, and the grass grows by itself
---Zenrin Kushu

Source: The World of Zen by Nancy Wilson Ross

Nine days away but the weather certainly feels like spring. No rain in the long-range forecast. Still cool but sunny and the sky is often, not always, blue. Flowers are blooming and the Gingko trees on my street are sprouting new leaves as they do each year.

Great time to enjoy the outdoors. About a month ago, before we got some heavy rains, JHL and I went back to Los Trancos trail in Foothills Park. It was damp but Buckeye Creek was far from full. The rainfall this year stands at just above 50% of the norm. Didn't see chanterelles, but found some oyster mushrooms; delicious.

Los Trancos Trail © musafir

A 7.5 mile loop, the trail climbs towards Skyline in the west, makes a hairpin bend and returns to the valley floor.

The Lynn Torin Bench, Los Trancos Trail, Foothills Park © musafir
Inscription on the plaque reads: "In Honor of our Daughter Lynn Torin - Nature nourishes, enriches and lifts the spirit".

JHL crossing a footbridge on the Los Trancos Trail © musafir

© musafir
Signs of Spring in early-February! Don't know the name of the plant. If a reader does, please send me an e-mail.

During a stop for lunch © musafir

Overlooking Boronda Lake shortly before sunset © musafir
Bench presented by M/M Max Strassman to the City of Palo Alto, December 2000

Nice work, as usual, also lovely writing. It is safe to say that the presence of like minds, even so far away, is clearly responsible for my continuing to live another day on this earth.

Now let's see some use of that 12x, sir. :)

fond regards

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