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Sunday, May 27, 2007


"Ah, Wilderness" - The Seasons


Spring 2007, Slouching toward summer

The long weekend (Memorial Day) began well. Yesterday, SG and I hiked the Black Mountain Trail from Rhus Ridge parking lot off Moody Road in Los Altos. We started late and decided not to try going to the top (2800 ft). Instead we made a dog leg to the right toward Duvenek Hidden Valley Ranch. Stopped to eat our sandwiches in a grove of bay laurel trees, and then hiked down, followed the trail north alongside the dry stream bed and climbed Ewing Hill to return to Black Mountain Trail and back to the parking lot.

The effect of warm days was apparent. Most of the wild flowers have disappeared. Saw a lot of sticky monkeys ((Mimulus aurantiacus). The buckeye trees are still full of clusters but they are beginning to turn brown. The toyon, madrone, oak and eucalyptus trees looked strong, ready to face the scorching days ahead.

California Buckeye
© Musafir May 26, 2007

Sticky Monkey Flowers
© Musafir May 26,2007

Wind Poppy (Stylomecon heterophylla)
© Musafir May 26,2007

Blue Dick ((Dichelostemma pulchellum)
© Musafir May 26,2007

A magnificent Oak tree at Long Ridge
© Musafir May 14,2007

Lovely pix. I see you are using the "neutral" colors, which are probably closer to delicate reality than my high contrast screamers. Looks nice and hot and dry, unlike here, mosquito without the coast.

yrs ever

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