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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Passages: July 2007

A Great Summer Movie on Video - House of Angels

It never fails. One morning you wake up and think where did the days go. Almost a month past the beginning of summer. So much to do and so little time, especially for those who work and have children.

For the rest of us things are different, easier. We have time to do whatever we want to do. So far the season has been good. Walks, picnics, gathering of friends. For me, on some days just looking out of the window at the passing scene is a pleasant activity. Guess one has to be somewhat lazy by nature to enjoy it.

In a few more weeks there will be the annual trip to the coast. On some days, Pajaro Dunes can be cold and foggy in the midst of summer but that never deters us from us enjoying ourselves.

Before that I'll be tour guide for a few days for friends coming to San Francisco from Down Under --- Perth, Australia. We'll be meeting after almost 40 years. There will be a lot to talk about.

Colin Nutley's House of Angels (Änglagård,1992, also known as Englegård)

British film director Colin Nutley, married to the Swedish actress Helena Bergstrom, has made a number of movies with Bergstrom in the leading role. I felt a little sad when "House of Angels" ended. It is a 'feel good' movie and the story takes place in summer.

Helena Bergstrom and Rikard Wolff in House of Angels © IMDB

Swedish with English sub-titles. Check it out.

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