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Monday, November 12, 2007


The Devil and Alaska's Republican Legislators

Money Speaks, Oil Companies Win * Erectile Dysfunction and Insomnia

Venal politicians on the take are nothing new. They have always existed. The news about Republicans caught in a FBI sting in Alaska made me gloat because of the sham front they have a habit of putting on. If Democrats wielded power it could have been them taking bribes but it was unlikely that they would have gone around preaching moral values. That is a specialty of the Republicans. As the Queen said to Alice: "Off with their heads". (Lewis Carroll, The Mock Turtle Story) . But there might not be need for such drastic measures; they might self-destruct by mixing impotency drugs and sleeping pills.

The Washington Post (Karl Vick)

Not Sermons and Soda-Water, ED and Insomnia

This is going to enliven many cocktail parties in Washington, DC, and elsewhere:

The Washington Post

The probe has delivered low humor as well as bad behavior. In one exchange the FBI captured by wiretap, Allen handed a sexual potency pill and a sleeping pill to Kott -- who later phoned, confused and upset, after mixing them up.

"Sometimes you try to come up with an exaggeration to make a point," said Les Gara, an Anchorage Democrat. "It's hard to do that here."

Ah, the travails of the Grand Old Party!

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