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Sunday, January 06, 2008


A Sunday Morning in January

Cold and wet. We were wondering if we were going to get enough rain to avoid drought in the summer months. The rains came......and how! Friday, the 4th, was a howler. It rained and it rained.

San Francisco Chronicle
"This was the worst," National Weather Service forecaster Will Pi said of Friday's deluge, which dropped nearly 8 inches of rain on the wettest locations, dumped at least 2 inches on many Bay Area cities and brought 100-mph winds to the most exposed peaks.

"It had better be the worst."

There will be showers Saturday and Sunday, Pi said, and another storm is expected to roll through the Bay Area on Tuesday. None of it will compare to Friday's storm, Pi said, which knocked out power to 1.3 million Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers in Northern California.

The current forecast is for rain and showers the next five days. Bad news for commuters who will have to go back to work on Monday. On the positive side, the streams will be running in force and reservoirs will be full. Walks through the woods will mean negotiating muddy patches, fallen branches of trees, and even mud slides. Two years back part of the Los Trancos Trail in Foothills Park (Palo Alto) got blocked by mud. But dry or muddy, walking on trails is always a pleasant experience.

Presidential Election Campaign

Iowa sent shockwaves through the campaigns of both parties. It was not Obama's victory but third place for Hillary Clinton that surprised many. Personally, I was happy that John Edwards came out second although I doubt that it would take him anywhere. For one thing, he is running out of money.

Those who wrote about Mike Huckabee's growing numbers in Iowa were right. Republican contenders are now taking their gloves off. New Hampshire will be down and dirty. Last chance for John McCain to reclaim lost ground.

Not only Huckabee, the ordained Baptist minister, all Republican candidates will mention God. For them it is de rigeur. And all of them will talk about their qualifications to defend us from evil terrorists. Some people will believe them.

Back in the 70's, a collection of British cartoonist Mel Calman's sketches was published under the title "My God, A look at the day-to-day difficulties of being God". Here is one that I like.

© Mel Calman
Bach and Brubeck

For me Sunday mornings mean music. Bach, of course, and some jazz. Dave Brubeck's Take Five can make it easy to forget the politicians and their empty promises. I have the classic LP issued by Atlantic in 1972 -- The Dave Brubeck Quartet "Last Set at Newport" with Gerry Mulligan, baritone sax, Alan Dawson, drums, Jack Six, bass.

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