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Monday, December 29, 2008


Rains....and Chanterelles

The Good Earth

On the drive up toward the hills on December 27th, Arild and I wondered if we were going to find chanterelles. Were the rains of the past week enough to make them emerge or they needed more time. There had been years when chanterelles were abundant in November and then, as in 2007, none were to be found before late December. Whether I come home with chanterelles or not, walks through the damp forests are very enjoyable and rewarding. And it was a special pleasure to be with Arild. A friend for almost 40 years, it was AC who initiated me into trout fishing, backpacking in the Eastern Sierras, and foraging for chanterelles. After suffering a stroke in 2006, he stayed away from walking in the hills last winter.

The chanterelles were not plentiful but we did find some. Most of them were buried under leaves. It is Arild who has a keen eye for detecting the tell-tale bumps.

The first Chanterelle 2008 Season
© Musafir

Another good specimen
© Musafir

AC, Happy forager
© Musafir

Rainy morning I
© Musafir

Rainy morning II
© Musafir

Rainy morning III
© Musafir
The winds that blow--
Ask them, which leaf of the tree
Will be next to go !

--Soseki (translated by Harold Henderson)

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