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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Summer 2009

Traveling in the Bedroom * Governor Mark Sanford

During a recent bike ride on Canãda Road, saw some Clarkias in bloom. Buckeyes are turning brown. Other wild flowers have done their thing and disappeared.

Man and machines on northern end of Canãda Road
© Musafir

Still does not feel like summer. Day-time temperature unusually cool. But summer is here. And there are sure to be some days when we'll long for a cool breeze. In the meantime, make the most of it. Before you know it the schools will re-open; summer will be over.

Clarkias (Farewell to Spring) Blooming
© Musafir

Back to Alain De Botton

In my previous post about Remembrance of Things Past I had mentioned Alain De Botton's "How Proust Can Change Your Life". In his delightful book "The Art of Travel", De Botton wrote about Xavier De Maistre and his Journey Around My Bedroom.

In "The Art of Travel", photograph of De Botton's bedroom shows bookshelves and part of a bed that looks larger than my own. I decided to do some traveling in my bedroom. Not bad at all.

My bedroom
© Musafir

Looking west
© Musafir

Looking east
© Musafir

Governor Mark Sanford - Another Republican who "Sinned"

Bad days for the champions of family values. The governor's former Chief of Staff Tom Davis: "That Governor 'Realized He Sinned' (ABC's Good Morning America)

Ah, the sinners. They keep coming out of the woodworks and putting on a sickening dog and pony show, often with their wives at their sides. Republicans have become quite adept at playing the remorseful sinner, and their supporters readily forgive them. While Eliot Spitzer did not talk about sin, he followed the rest of the Republican playbook. Admittedly, Governor Sanford did not exactly follow the mea culpa routine of others who have gone through it before him. But being a member of God's Own Party, the governor 's hands are tied. While not as rabid as some other party leaders, Mark Sanford strongly supported impeachment of Bill Clinton. His position on issues such as same sex marriage and adoption rights for gays leaves no doubt that he,too, subscribes to the family values claptrap adopted by his party. He will follow the same road and seek absolution. He has no choice.

The Brits have a pithy description for such people: Wankers. Pitiful wankers.

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