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Sunday, November 15, 2009


On the road to 2010 - Shrinking Coattails of President Obama

Democrats and the GOP

Members of God's Own Party licking their chops. Energized by gains (in state houses) in recent elections, they are hoping to re-take some seats in Congress in 2010. There has been no change in their strategy. They  continue to do the usual fear-mongering; champion free-market policy; advocate total ban on women's right to choose, and talk about moral values (moral values!) despite the fact that a number of  their prominent members got caught in sleazy affairs.  Shameless hypocrites with very short, and selective, memory.

But they have some reasons to feel hopeful. Among them, the so called "Blue Dog Democrats" many of whom support the Republican agenda, and President Obama's failure to take a strong position on anything.  He talks the talk but the words no  longer  have the magic because nothing happens.  No wonder that a large block of voters who played a major role in his victory is disappointed, feels betrayed.

To some, "Liberal" is a dirty word. A liberal friend emailed:
A report in WSJ reads "Concerns Rise Around Obama's First Swing Through Asia"

SINGAPORE (Dow Jones)--President Barack Obama headed to Shanghai on Sunday to press China on issues from climate change to economic restructuring, amid rising concerns that his first swing through Asia will yield more disappointment than progress on trade, human rights, national security and environmental concerns. 

A flurry of actions here this weekend raised more questions than they resolved on a broad sweep of issues confronting both sides of the Pacific. On Sunday, leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum dropped efforts to reach a binding international climate change agreement in Copenhagen next month, settling instead for what they called a political framework for future negotiations.

Thought I was reading about G.W. Bush!

The President can continue his policy of appeasement and take a chance on support from enough middle-of-the road voters to carry the Democrats in 2010.  A rebound in the economy and improvement in the unemployment numbers would help him and could make a difference. Right now,however, things don't look rosy.


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