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Monday, February 06, 2012


The Political Circus - 273 Days Before November 6th


Promises, Promises

Obama in the lead!  That is what the latest ABC News-Washington Post Poll shows -- that among registered voters Obama has a 51-45% lead over Mitt Romney.  Gingrich is promising the moon. However, one gets the feeling that Gingrich's negatives -- past baggage -- cannot be covered up. Republican power brokers feel uneasy about Gingrich. Much can happen between now and November 6th. But this not going to make Obama-haters happy.  

What about the Democrats?  Well, Obama has disappointed many of us.  Deep down, he is not much different than the hypocrites running against him.  His recent Bible-thumping speech was sickening.  A blatant appeal to Conservative Christian voters.  It would be interesting to watch how the President deals with the reaction about the directive in respect to contraceptives and sterilization in employee health-care plans of Catholic affiliated institutions. Based on previous records, he is likely to beat a quick retreat; he is adept in doing that. 

Even the small difference makes him preferable over the Republican candidates.  What choice do we have -- sit it out or vote for the incumbent.  I'll hold my nose and vote for the incumbent.  It was a buffoon, Sarah Palin, who mocked Obama "How's the hopey changey thing working out for ya".  True, it didn't take long for Obama to back away from things he spoke about.  For many of us there will be no rejoicing if he is re-elected, but there would be a sigh of relief.

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