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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


End of PBS as we knew it - Grubby Hands Grasping Control

Victim of being considered "Liberal"

It is a matter of time. Now the mandarins of morality are making sure that PBS (a refreshing alternative in the clamorous jungle of commercial broadcast media) offers only what they want us to watch and hear. The attacks against PBS are not new. Conservatives had always been unhappy with the contents of programs in PBS. They considered them to be "biased" (too liberal). In today's America, what the conservatives want the conservatives get. The Pharisees are going to put their grubby hands on it and turn PBS into another god and country oriented media outlet.

A comparison between the BBC (an entity fully funded and owned by the British government) and PBS says a lot about the difference between the two countries. The BBC has, so far, remained free of any interference by government.

We got rid of the Taliban mullahs in Afghanistan but adopting Taliban-like policies here in the United States.

The NY Times 5/2/05

"WASHINGTON, May 1 - The Republican chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is aggressively pressing public television to correct what he and other conservatives consider liberal bias, prompting some public broadcasting leaders - including the chief executive of PBS - to object that his actions pose a threat to editorial independence."

Without the knowledge of his board, the chairman, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, contracted last year with an outside consultant to keep track of the guests' political leanings on one program, "Now With Bill Moyers.

NY Times-PBS

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