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Monday, June 20, 2005


Hypocrisy about Hash


The Politics of Pot

A favorite target of the conservatives, our self-appointed moral guardians--marijuana. Think of the resources, time and money being used to combat what they call the "evil" of marijuana.

Why drinking alcohol is OK but smoking a joint a criminal offense? Alcohol can cause health and mental problems and so can marijuana. Heck, a gallon of milk a day can cause health problems for many of us. While moderate consumption of alcohol is good for health (according to current medical opinion) too much alcohol is harmful for body and mind. I have not found any source of information that cites evidence to prove that smoking a joint or two does any harm. In fact, in some cases patients suffering from pain are said to benefit from smoking marijuana. Yes, I am aware of the recent Supreme Court decision but the court didn't go into benefits or harmful effects of marijuana; it upheld the Federal law under which the regulation of illicit drugs is a matter of interstate commerce, reserved exclusively to the Federal Government by the Constitution. Imara's June 16th post in "Where Two or More Are Gathered" covers the 6-3 ruling by the Court.

But many members of the moral values crowd drink alcohol, and the mighty alcohol industry contributes significantly to campaign chests of politicians. Some of them undoubtedly indulged in smoking joints during their younger days but don't talk about it. During his first presidential campaign G.W. Bush admitted to "youthful indiscretions". You figure out what that meant. As president he is gung ho about imprisonment for youths caught possessing small amounts of marijuana. Another president said that he smoked but didn't inhale! Too bad, if that was indeed his experience. Why is politics so crowded with hypocrites?

The fact remains that despite our government's draconian position on marijuana smoking, the practice is alive and well. Unfortunately, law abiding citizens do not have access to marijuana. See link about consumption of marijuana.

One thing for sure. If it is legalized large corporations would jump into the act before you can say Jack Robinson. They probably have business plans and advertisement campaigns ready to launch. "A joint a day will keep the blues away".

In the meantime, the two-faced puritans rule.

From a report by Kevin Freking,Associated Press:

"Both college towns, Boston and Boulder, Colo., share another distinction: They lead the nation in marijuana use. Northwestern Iowa and southern Texas have the lowest use."

Wouldn't like to live in Boston but Boulder is attractive. Texas, no thanks.
Marijuana Use in The U.S.

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