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Sunday, June 12, 2005


The Patriot Act,Part II

Clear evidence of Lack of faith in the President

Is readership of the venerable Christian Science Monitor confined to anti-war liberals? Not likely.

Yet, an internal poll conducted by the newspaper reflects surprising lack of support for the president's call for renewal of the Patriot Act. This is what I found when I went to the CSM web site at 1:15 PM Sunday, June 12,2005.

"Should the Patriot Act be beefed up?
No. The act goes too far in restricting civil liberties as it is. 93.95 % (1009)
Yes. Agents need broader authority in order to increase the number of key terror-related arrests. 6.05 % (65)
Total votes: 1074"

Apparently, this one slipped past the spin meisters in the White House before they could line up party faithful to distort the poll.

Perhaps people are waking up. Be prepared to see a flurry of terrorist alerts.

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CSM-Linda Feldman

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