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Saturday, June 11, 2005


The Silence is Deafening - Where is the Outrage?

The Secret Downing Street Memo
Gutless Democrats

On May 1,2005, The London Times published a highly classified document which has come to be known as The Downing Street Memo (see link). The date of the memo--July 23, 2002.

If there were any doubts about President Bush's plans, in which Prime Minister Tony Blair fully colluded, to launch an attack against Iraq long before the lies to the nation and to the world, including the charade before the United Nations Security Council, the publication of this document dispelled them. This was the "smoking gun". And what happened? Nothing. It is business as usual.

The death toll of men and women wearing the uniform of the United States has exceeded 1,700. The number of severely injured is nearing 13,000. Where is the outrage?

Is it apathy, ignorance, denial or a sense of patriotism (that the loss of lives and limbs are for a just cause) that explains the silence of those to whom the losses are personal?

Then there is the 9/11 syndrome. We have become so cowed by the propaganda machine that for many it has become a conditional reflex. We do not question, we do not think. We follow.

The gutless Democrats who supported the call for war are contemptible for their cowardice. While millions of people were marching in protest, they meekly fell in line. Some went out of their way to display their hawkishness. Because of their shameful role they remain subservient. Sickening.

But there is one sign that American families are backing off---falling recruitment. Don Edwards in The Washington Post 6/11/05.

" Nearly every day, anywhere from one to several U.S. soldiers or Marines die in Iraq, and even more are wounded. The news doesn't always make the front pages anymore, but the casualty rate has apparently registered deeply in the consciousness of young Americans and their families. The result is a dangerous decline in new enlistments that is depleting U.S. military resources and weakening our capacity to face additional conflicts or threats from abroad."

TimesonLine-Downing Street Memo
WashingtonPost-DonEdwards-Ten Hut
Iraq Coalition Casualties

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