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Sunday, July 10, 2005


India - A Fatwa against a raped Muslim woman


As Pakistan tries to put the Mukhtar Mai episode behind, there is news that an orthodox Muslim organization in India has issued a Fatwa (religious edict) against a woman who was raped by her father-in-law.

"In its ruling the Darul-Uloom Deoband did not endorse the village council's order that the victim had to marry her father-in-law but said she could no longer live with her husband.

"She had a physical relationship with her father-in-law. It does not matter if it was consensual or forced," Mohammad Masood Madani, a cleric at Deoband, told Reuters.

Where do these people emerge from--some dark holes in the ground ? What is clear is that they wield power and abuse it.

The Indian Government should stop making allowances for Sharia laws. There is no justification for its position.

Musafir, this is one issue I do understand that needs change in other countries!!!People should be treated fairly and equally !!! However, I don't agree with the way our administration is going about trying to change these things !!! Putting pressure on a government is O.K. in my opinion!!Invading a country and causing unnecessary casualties is not a rational way , in my opinion.

At some point, human beings need to free themselves from the bondage of religion. I believe it does some good, but the negative effects sometimes outweigh the positive ones!!!
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