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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Gone Fishing

Not really but I am off to the coast to spend a few days with friends.

There will not be much of a change in my daily routine except that instead of watching traffic through my window I shall be looking at the ocean. Shall walk on the beach, run, read, do some cooking, drink wine and watch the ocean---the Pacific is only about 50 yards from the living room. But I shall stay away from the blog. There might be a few laptops around but I do not intend to surf the 'net. There is a TV but it remains switched off. Print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle will do fine. The New Yorker magazine has been piling up, and I just began reading Jeff Greenwald's "The Size of the World", recommended by a friend. Greenwald traveled around the globe using surface transportation---land and sea. The blogosphere will survive without me.

The weather at Pajaro Beach is unpredictable. I remember one blistering summer when I was packing to leave for the coast the weather report mentioned that there would be more of the same the next few days. So I decided not to take sweats and jackets. Big mistake. Less than 60 miles away but the sun never showed during my stay and it was cold enough to freeze "your buns off". I learned my lesson.

There will be about twelve of us, including children and teenagers. One lone Republican in the whole crowd. Iraq and Bush could come up. The discussions, however, would not be rancorous.

To my regular visitors: Stay well.

Musafir, where you are going sounds like a perfect spot to fish. I am not a big fisherman, but I find myself instinctively looking for a hook and some line whenever I am near a body of water.I hope you have a great time.Take care.
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