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Monday, September 19, 2005


Iraq Casualties 1900 and Counting - Marine Lance Cpl Shane C. Swanberg among them

They made the Supreme Sacrifice....for what?
According to data published by Iraq Casualties.org, on September 17th the number of dead American soldiers reached 1900. Small number if you compare it to Vietnam . One cannot, however, think that way---not if one has compassion for the bereaved families. To them every one of the dead meant more, much more than a name. They felt the pain, shed tears and continue to grieve.

09/18/05 SEATTLEPOST: Kirkland Marine dies in attack in Iraq

Those of us who have not personally suffered a loss but oppose the war ask what are they dying for?
Before we get out of the mess many more of our men and women in uniform will die. If not their families, history will judge those who sent them to their death.

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