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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Masters of Deceit

The Sham Continues

Paraphrasing William Shakespeare, for members of the Bush Administration "The world is a stage and they are all its actors".

Disgust was what I felt as I read Josh Marshall's blog about use of volunteer fire fighters as stage props for photo opportunity during the president's visit to Louisiana. The Bush administration's cynical manipulation of the media and use of props are well-known facts. But this is a bit too much. You feel like exclaiming "have you no shame"?" Of course, they don't. The full power of the administration is focused on image control. They are good at it.

See Talking Points Memo - Josh Marshall Sept.4, 2005

Following is from an article in The Guardian,UK:

"Look at him: he's lost. He can't rail at Katrina for opposing "freedom" and "democracy," even if the bloody storm does have a girl's name. He can't decry the "axis of evil" comprising Iran and North Korea and then throw in a hurricane without somebody piping up, "What doesn't belong in this picture?" Since it's a stretch to blame Osama bin Laden for the weather, his speechwriters are stymied."

Lionel Shriver, The Guardian,UK, Sept.6, 2005


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