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Saturday, October 29, 2005


Marine Corps Marathon

The Lure of Running 26.2 Miles

Rich Campbell's "Years ahead of competition" in the Post this morning took me back to the time when I ran marathons. Ran my first when I was 49 and over the years I have run, and completed, three of them. My times are nothing to brag about but they were good experiences. Reaching the finish line never failed to cause elation and a sense of achievement. Only those who have done it can understand the feeling.

Reading about Charles Stalzer, Margaret Hagerty and other older runners who are going to take part in the race tomorrow gives me hope that it is not too late to run another. Slower than I used to be but my knees are holding up; I can go out of the door and run 10 miles. Shall think of the participants in the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow and wish them well. May the wind be behind your back.

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