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Thursday, October 06, 2005


The Women of Pakistan Cannot Be Silenced

General Musharraf - Classic case of Foot in the Mouth

If it were not for the cruel facts President Musharraf's PR efforts to put a lid on increasing number of reports about rape victims and lack of rights of Pakistani women would have been funny. Yasmeen Hassan's open letter to President Musharraf in today's Washington Post will only make things more unpleasant for General Musharraf. He is still reeling from his infamous statement during an interview on September 12th.

"You must understand the environment in Pakistan. This has become a money-making concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped."

The General tried to deny saying it but he was being recorded. The audio transcript can be heard on the Post's web site.

Yaa Habibi !

Women are TARGET of THE WORLD WAR AGAINST POVERTY which is the most prominent funding at World Level. This funding walks in with packages of loose string UNO Community Policy a kind of humnour when you cannot correct your Speech and Comprehension of English as Social Language.
Over the time our politically socially diverse Newpapers have created a Equity at time when with US Pak Industrialism Western Advertisers moved in loud but dissapointedly most could not hit target creativity or performance in social scene. It is the Human Right Groups which have no authentic moral connection with IHR and newspaper media and photojournalism that is using this for publivc provocation too while the photojournalism betrays and pampers many press scientists who are involved in The Detraction . The recentest occasions have incredible picture performance of victim ladies and the writeuops have been 'soft porn'and on covers of major urdu press. JUST AS TERRORIST BOMBS ARE SERVING PROXIES TO INCOMPREHENSION AND INTERNATIONAL ERRORS. THE SEX VICTIMISATION IS SERVING PROXIES TO WAR AGAINST POVERTY.
Hopefully Musharaf's going to tear through the Media Dictatorship of Masses to reach real credit before his 2007 announcement of General Elections in midst of a growlingly of new confidence in Judiciary .The credits Pakistan has gotten from Democratisation is already requiring answers for neigbouring economies.
Shahzada Sher Saddozai.
GraphicCommunicationTechnologist .World Statesmen.
Thank you for taking the time to express your view. Not quite sure of
your position but it seems that you
are in disagreement with recent reports in the world press about Pakistani women and that you support
General Musharraf. I don't believe that the creator intended women to be second class citizens without the rights and privileges enjoyed by men. Women all over the world are demanding equal rights. They deserve it and will eventually gain them. In Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan it might take a while but the handwriting is on the wall---women on the march
cannot be stopped. In today's world, the hudood laws have no place in a civilized society. They are disgraceful.
Remember Musafir Hudood means 'limits' and is Women's birth right on the modren planet.How will you put women together withoyut them having thier own puzzle of privacy . In the west women are no example for Modrenity as West is hardly in position to present a real bloodline which has been allowed Great Koranic Virtue to improve themselves . You taught them wrongly the lessons of competeing with man to be an equal but they cannot rule man without bringing his soul lower to them .But at Cocktail Parties where Western Man have no dignity for them but the secuarists havent been there.The dictatiorship of Masses is clearly a Secular Conspiracy with Europeans [Canadian]and French Republicans and Crass Funding requested by Asian African leaders and International Press is carrying it on. My former lodge at 23 Guldin Colony is right now being used by a maittre who would clean a servant latrine and her daughter was adopted to a job at Canadian embassy .Her son who lives there and has poorer skin than his shiny black grandmother who would be born in any 23 GC [Genetic Coded] families including my own maternal uncle .In England 'Face'is Faith or picture virtue of fate 'Din' .In Islam our names have order of Din. But the Press needs a show! It the Human race to realise that Empowerment of Women 'is not Westernising them which it will turn out to be after Third World secular interpreters who like can all out shout 'Huddod must not be allowed'? It was 'Huddood' and Koranic Virtuos Knowledge that recreated woman from the Meccan women who wandered wanton for sex in outskirts of cities .
Shahzada Sher Saddozai.
GraphicCommunicationTechnologist .World Statesmen.
I am not an Islamic scholar and not qualified to argue about the finer points of Koranic laws. Suggest that you read my June 15th post "The Shame of Pakistan" which was about Hudood and included the following:
Quote Proof of zina or zina-bil-jabr liable to hadd shall be in one of the following forms, namely:--

* (a) the accused makes before a Court of competent jurisdiction a confession of the commission of the offence; or

* (b) at least four Muslim adult male witnesses, about whom the Court is satisfied, having regard to the requirements of tazkiyah al-shuhood [credibility of witnesses], that they are truthful persons and abstain from major sins (kaba’ir), give evidence as eye-witnesses of the act of penetration necessary to the offence (P.L.D. 1979, 53; Bokhary 1979, 182; Major Acts 1992, 12).3

Talk about a classic Catch 22---this is the mother of them all! Hard to believe that such barbaric laws and practices exist in the 21st century but they are real.
End of quote

If majority of Muslim women accept
the laws then they will remain in force. But if they don't then the
laws will not stand regardless of how the scripture was interpreted by those who framed the laws.
Same people who won travel abroad to richer urbanias and work or jobs with International Organisations read a newspaper story to create a 'contradiction' amongst Third World Elites ! Im amused your not a Islamic Scholar but youve talked as far a Ruler and a full Society where is Islam is taught/ Scholared tutored free with other subjects at School and affairs at Home too,but hardly interpreted to Ethincally US/EU White media and Government which do not accept religion as dictation because they are masses who will first aquire prosperity of one world The Nord West . Infact I repeat that in half a century of Isreal/PLO confrontation which overtly divided Muslims allover the World and Arabs in particular from Jews and USA ,but not one socially politically interconversant 1st class talkshow or a Journalist reached into from Asian African Arabian side and Ghazi Yasser Arafat could not score 'one Prime Time easy interview!.

Pseodo Secularists! Feminists! Same people who come and shout in front of Courts of Law when Courts reward a Capital punishment to diverse offenders . Asian offenders must ask inquire women if Rape/Murder are a Capital crime? But they must tell the world how far are they with all the pedophiles in Pakistan who are thrown into acid and infact WHY?.
As there are Shariat Courts {regulatory law} confession or 'the four witnesses' is only a convenience! why feel awkward. This is a scientifically advanced and very modren world ,a world with Kashi a Forsenic Evidence Pshycologists ,and photofinsh is available with such crimes as Rape . It is the media that buxom submissive village girls who improved socially economically but still live below the remote Punjabi 'small land tenents [muzairas] and are being flanked Internationally by NGO's of HRC's and Rape of minors and pedos goes unoticed the next day!
You and I hold different positions on this issue. We can go on exchanging
comments for ever without reaching an agreement.

If you give your e-mail address I shall be glad to seek your learned opinion about future posts related to Pakistan and women's role in Islamic nations.

In the meantime, I express my sorrow for the victims of the earthquake. No doubt you are involved in the relief efforts in some form or other. Stay well.
How do we hold difference of Opinion of News in a Day to Day government with Developming Economics and Transcedental Science. Sex apeal? Low confidence? running ahead to keep up with Breaking News? why was the quake?
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