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Friday, November 25, 2005


The First Rains of the Season


Rainy morning. It feels good. We have had a few light showers earlier this month but today is the real thing. It was time.

The street and the cars parked alongside the curb are covered with leaves from gingko trees. More like gold than yellow. Day after Thanksgiving is a holiday except for those who work in stores. Big day for bargain hunters storming the gates early in the morning. Parking lots full of drivers looking for rare empty spots. Fender benders; frayed tempers. I can imagine the cash registers making ka-ching, ka-ching sound. Good for the economy and some people get pleasure out of it.

Rain drops on window

Photo credit: stock.xchng (sciucanessa79@virgilio.it)

Gingko Leaves

Photo credit: stock.xchng (typographica@gmail.com)

A few more days of rain before AC and I can go walk through groves of oak and redwood trees to look for chanterelles. It is very rewarding when we come across a especially bountiful patch and fill our bags. After a few hours we sit down to have sandwiches and talk of pleasant things or just enjoy the forest around us. I cook risotto with chanterelles and a sprinkling of saffron to add color. For making soup I add diced potato to give it body. Soup tastes especially good on cold evenings.

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