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Saturday, November 12, 2005


For G.W. Bush, A Bleak Winter Ahead ?

"What Goes Up Must Come Down"

Reading "The Autumn of Discontent" by Marcus Mabry in the online edition of Newsweek about the president's falling numbers in recent polls made me happy. Support for him is dwindling across the board. "Half of all Americans now believe he is not 'honest and ethical' ". He never was. It is amazing--the damage that G.W. Bush has caused during his presidency is unmatched. He is trying to claw his way back, using tactics that worked in the past. This time it might be difficult or unachievable. It took a while but people are finally beginning to see through him. The tragedy of 9/11 allowed him to exploit it to the fullest. He desperately needs an event to latch onto. No doubt he is praying for one. A hollow man.

His Veteran's Day speech was a reused pack of the same old lies (cf. October 6?, well early October speech that was very similar).
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