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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Judith Miller Retires from NY Times - What took so long ?

Unfortunately, we haven't heard the last from her

The NY Times published the usual platitudes and Ms Miller herself did her share of blowing her horn. She is good at it. She certainly put it on thick while being interviewed by Lynne Duke of the Washington Post. "Miss Run Amok" is obnoxious. That is the overwhelming impression one is left with. Is there anyone who is going to cry for her ? I think not. Her former source for news about the non-existent WMD, the shyster Ahmed Chalabi is in town. He can hold her hands and commisserate. She is reported to be writing a book. No doubt she would receive job offers from the neocons. She would be perfect as the spokesperson for Donald Rumsfeld or media advisor for the VP. If not then a job with Fox News or Washington Times could be just right for her.


Yes- well said! No tears from me on her demise. She seems as able to parlay scandal into further success as readily as the next boo-hoo girl. She can shack up with Paula Jones.
((Sob)) Now I've become the news...((sob)) Oh pu-lease. When once I felt for her journalistic integrity, I don't see much reason to celebrate her martyrdom now! Fox can HAVE her.
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