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Saturday, December 17, 2005


"We the people" and George Bush's America

Saturday Morning Charivari
News about authorization of domestic spying by the president still making headlines but the shock wave is receding. To many people it didn't come as a surprise. While full details are not known, the fact that the administration was carrying on a secretive operation against its own citizens failed to provoke the howl that it deserved. We have become inured; revealations of lies, half-truths, deceptions have become routine; they no longer shock us. We have truly become a nation of sheep.

Reading "A Scoop Deferred" by Paul Farhi in the Post one gets the impression that it is not what he described that is important but what he left unsaid.

More interesting was an article by Paul Bloom (of Yale) that I found in The Guardian,UK. Professor Bloom wrote about American authors of yesterday, especially Whitman and Melville in context with the America of today. Reflections in the Evening Land reaches the heart of the sickness. The overwhelming question is why it happened. Perhaps simply because the majority (the god fearing majority ?) has a narrow vision of the world that prevents thoughts and questions about the policies being followed even when they are not for the common good.

For G.W. Bush and his cohorts the good time has already come.

Glad to see you talking about this- I am amazed by the speed of the 'wave' you refer to, how quickly it recedes and our attention spans move on. I will try to stop by more often.
I think that we are just so desensitized to corruption, we can compare things to Clinton and the reactions then to relatively minor matters (in my view at least!)but look at how indifferent we are on this!
(::shaking head::)
I'll come back when I am not so fed up and tired... and read more.
Lew will be posting now with us at "Lose the Noose" (he often comments at Hydrogen and Stupidity where I think I first made your acquaintance!!!) I like to encourage his angry rantings...they are necessary!!! We all need to speak to truth. Anywhere we can.
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