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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Oregon's Death With Dignity Act Prevails - Viva Oregonians

Chief Justice Roberts Shows His Hands - A Sign of Things to Come
A major defeat for the Bush administration. The headline "Justices Uphold Oregon Assisted Suicide Law" warmed the cockles of my heart. Didn't take long to to find out where Chief Justice Roberts stands. The good Catholic joined the other conservative stalwarts in the Supreme Court to support the Bush administration's sneak attack--use of Controlled Substances Act (CSA) to prevent physicians in Oregon from prescribing drugs to terminally ill patients. The main reason, opposition of religious groups to such a measure, was not part of Gonzales v. Oregon, 04-623.

Washington Post:
  • The ruling struck down one of the administration's signature policies regarding what President Bush calls the "culture of life" and lifts the last legal cloud over the state's law, which is unique in the nation. It also frees other states to follow in Oregon's footsteps, unless Congress acts to the contrary.
The 6 to 3 vote is significant. It meant that, hypothetically, even if Alito took over the seat held by Justice O'Connor the decision would still have been in favor of the State of Oregon by a 5 to 4 margin.

Legislation for allowing physician assistance in dying is being considered in other states, including Vermont and California. The zealots would find it difficult to stop them.

I have spent some time this evening reading your blog entries- very interesting. I share many of your views so I felt right at home, though you are better read and much better informed than me.
Thanks, Sun Tripper. "...better read and much better informed" ? I'm not too sure about that. Perhaps being older has given me more time to read and gather information. Keep posting in your blog. I think that there has to be a positive impact from our collective output. If not, it helps to vent your feelings.
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