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Thursday, February 02, 2006


The Islamic World Up In Arms Over Cartoons

The management of the Norwegian publication Magazinet had no inkling of the firestorm that would result from twelve cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. Currently, Muslims all over the world are issuing threats to all Europeans; European products are being boycotted. It would be a pity if this ends in apology from Norwegians and other European nations. Cartoons are cartoons. That might be beyond the capacity of religious fanatics to comprehend, but giving in to them would be no different than surrendering to demands by hostage taking terrorists.

The Guardian, UK, reported: More newspapers across Europe today reprinted the 12 cartoons of the prophet Muhammad that have sparked protests across the Middle East - although most refrained from publishing them on their websites.

The fanatics exist not only among Muslims. Here in the United States, Christian fundamentalists probably salivate at the thought of wielding such power over the rest of us. It has not come to that....yet.

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