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Friday, February 24, 2006


Unwanted pregnancies Happen...Even in S. Dakota

That is fact. South Dakota is not an exception to the rule. Women of South Dakota are no more immune to unwanted pregnancies than women in other states. Therefore, one has to wonder about the women and men of South Dakota who approved a draconian legislation barring the option of abortion to women who might face an unwanted pregnancy. "The measure, which passed the state Senate 23 to 12, makes it a felony for doctors to perform any abortion, except to save the life of a pregnant woman. The proposal still must be signed by Gov. Mike Rounds (R), who opposes abortion."

According to Rapid City Journal: HB1266 passed the House 54-15 and the Senate approved the bill 25-10. It faces challenges before it can take effect.
What about the other side...there is always a "other" side. What takes place after the birth? What will the State do for the mothers of who are not permitted to have abortion? What will the State do for the infants? Did the legislators ask themselves what if it happened to their daughters, their sisters, or their colleagues? Perhaps they did and felt secure enough to disregard it. Paradoxically, the same people who are against abortion under any circumstances also oppose sex education and contraception! Made me think of the slogan on belt buckles worn by Hitler's soldiers "Gott mitt uns" (God is with us). There are three women in the SD Senate and 13 women members in the House.

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