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Saturday, February 11, 2006


A Cartoon, Not about Prophet Mohammed but our eloquent President

It was time to ramp up the threat of terrorists. The President used a tried and tested ploy. Steve Bell of the Guardian created one of his masterly cartoons about the president's speech.

10.02.2006: Steve Bell on the alleged al-Qaida plot in Los Angeles
┬ęSteve Bell 2006

The speech, however, failed to do the president much good. He has played that card so often that it is beginning to lose its power.

Former President H.W. Bush miffed about attacks on son at Mrs King's funeral. Hah. Tunnel vision or what! When it comes to slander and dirty tricks, the Republicans wrote the book. (CBS) Former President George H.W. Bush has expressed dismay and anger at attacks on his son, President Bush, at the funeral for Coretta Scott King.


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