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Sunday, April 09, 2006


The War President Getting Ready for Battle

Hit them all at once or according to his needs

Iran,Venezuela. Perhaps Cuba. Cuba will be good for Brother Jeb. Drum beat getting louder. The ground was laid with the preemption policy reiterated in March 2006. Timing is right. Now,more than ever, the president needs something to divert the nation's attention from reports about abuses by his administration. "According to current and former officials, Pentagon and CIA planners have been exploring possible targets, such as the uranium enrichment plant at Natanz and the uranium conversion facility at Isfahan. Although a land invasion is not contemplated, military officers are weighing alternatives ranging from a limited airstrike aimed at key nuclear sites, to a more extensive bombing campaign designed to destroy an array of military and political targets." The villains have been created. An air war will minimize casualties on our side. Then he will read a speech about another mission accomplished. No, he is not going put on a flight suit.

Seymour Hersh has a report,"The Iran Story",in The New Yorker, about the Bush administration's plans for a nuclear strike against Iran.

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