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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Evangelical Christian Democrats !

A Page out of Karl Rove's Game Plan

Votes, votes, we need votes. If that requires kneeling down and speaking in tongues, so be it. A sign of the times or just old-fashioned politics of expediency ? It is becoming obvious that Democratic leaders have decided to turn right. Where then is the difference between them and the Republicans? Just when the tide against the pious hypocrites was turning the Democrats decided to drape themselves in scriptures like those who sit across the aisle. It made me sick to read The New Temptation of Democrats, Ruth Marcus' column in the Post. "When mega-pastor Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church opened last year in its new Houston home, the city's former professional basketball arena, a most unlikely guest was on hand for the celebration: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), a minister's son who chairs the House Democrats' Faith Working Group, headed to Dallas a few months later to worship with Bishop T.D. Jakes, an African American Pentecostal minister who's been called "the next Billy Graham."

  • This month, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean -- yes, that would be the Howard Dean who dismissed Republicans last year as "pretty much a white, Christian Party" -- went on Pat Robertson's "700 Club," asserting that Democrats "have an enormous amount in common with the Christian community, and particularly with the evangelical Christian community." Randy Brinson, founder of Redeem the Vote (think Rock the Vote meets Jesus), met last week with the centrist Democratic Leadership Council.
  • Democrats these days are a party on a mission that might sound impossible: to persuade evangelical Christian voters to consider converting -- to the Democratic Party.

So, it comes down to a cynical courtship of evangelical Christian voters. If that is the path my party is going to follow to defeat the Republicans I shall not be proud of being a Democrat.

the values of fairness,unity, love, equal treatment of individuals, fair wages, ending hunger, having safety nets, protecting the downtrodden from the oppressor are all traditional Christian values(as well as most world religions). The Democratic Party and true Christians have shared values since i was old enough to read at least (I only go back as far as 1960.) The republican party has always stood for the opposite but was able to market themselves to "religious" groups esp since the onset of the Abortion debate. They further ingratiated themselves to the worse elements in churches by attacking outsiders like Homosexuals etc just as Hitler had united the religios right under his banner.The political right is as far from true Christian values as you can get. If George Bush were to sprout horns and have 666 suddenly emblazoned on his forehead many true Christians would say, "Saw that coming a mile away" It is certainly good that the Democratic party get back to its roots.
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