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Thursday, May 11, 2006


On the Road to 2008 - Hillary Clinton

John McCain * Further Loss of Support for Bush

Vote for Hillary Clinton if she wins the nomination in 2008 ? Yes, I would but not because I think highly of her. The current stable of Republican candidates is pitiful. John McCain, the man I respected once has become just another politician, adept at expediency. McCain has been castigated by George Will for his position on campaign financing. In my book that is a plus for McCain. Among the Democrats there is Hillary Clinton, the enigma. Can she be trusted ? I have my doubts. Richard Cohen explores the Clinton candidacy in Who are You Hillary ? "But politics is not just about money -- not quite yet, anyway -- if only because ideology and principles are not yet "products." That being the case (I hope), then Hillary Clinton's vast lead in fundraising -- she now has more than $20 million in the bank -- will be offset by growing questions about her principles and ideology. In other words, who is this woman who wants to be the next president of the United States? Is she the wife of Bill Clinton, who we were once led to believe was more liberal than he was, or is she actually far more conservative? The answer, at the moment, is something I cannot provide."

How bad can it get for El Jefe ? The president's approval rating is continuing to slide and he is taking the Republican Congress down with him. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving lot. They are being deserted by their core support groups. "Bush and Congress have suffered a decline in support from almost every part of the conservative coalition over the past year, a trend that has accelerated with alarming implications for Bush's governing strategy."


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