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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Foot In the Mouth - Affliction of Politicians

Midterm Elections

Going down to the wire -- six more days and it still looks good for Democrats no thanks to John Kerry. It is not that only politicians (think of the Reverend Pat Robertson) open their big mouths and make gaffes but when they do it the media pounces on the story.and the shockwaves are felt. The opposition lapped it up. Of course, the Democrats would have acted no differently. The Commander-in-Chief was delighted to find something to talk about apart from his usual warnings that support for Democrats means support for terrorists. .

The bottom line, however, is that for us the numbers look good. Music to my ears. The macaca man, Senator George Allen in Virginia is looking shaky. Dan Balz and Chris Cilliza in the Post:


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