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Thursday, November 09, 2006


From Across the Atlantic : "Thank You, America"

And More Bushspeak - The Frat Boy Lives

Sarah M, a kindred spirit from England forwarded the editorial from this morning's Guardian with the note "from Sarah, too" And she attached image of a rose. She is not happy about Lieberman's victory. It didn't please me either. It would be interesting to see what Senator Lieberman does as an Independent member. The Democrats need him on their side and no doubt they will make some accommodations.

Thank You, America

For six years, latterly with the backing of both houses of a markedly conservative Republican Congress, George Bush has led an American administration that has played an unprecedentedly negative and polarising role in the world's affairs. On Tuesday, in the midterm US congressional elections, American voters rebuffed Mr Bush in spectacular style and with both instant and lasting political consequences. By large numbers and across almost every state of the union, the voters defeated Republican candidates and put the opposition Democrats back in charge of the House of Representatives for the first time in a dozen years.

When the remaining recounts and legal challenges are over, the Democrats may even have narrowly won control of the Senate too. Either way, the results change the political landscape in Washington for the final two years of this now thankfully diminished presidency. They also reassert a different and better United States that can again offer hope instead of despair to the world. Donald Rumsfeld's resignation last night was a fitting climax to the voters' verdict. Thank you, America.

To read the complete editorial, go to the link in The Guardian, UK.

The Asia Times has a number of reports about Secretary Rumsfeld's departure. One of them reads: "Rumsfeld takes a hit for Bush"! There can be no questions about his botched up management of the war in Iraq, but it is the president ("I'm a war president") who should be held accountable. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz, among other champions of PNAC, persuaded the president to go to war. The president cannot admit that, so he and Donald Rumsfeld went through a charade.

A few gems from the president's press conference on November 8th.
Deliberately or due to his ignorance, the president continues to say "Democrat Party" instead of Democratic Party. I'm inclined to think that he does it deliberately. It is the frat boy in him.
If I were an Iraqi I'd say "You have done enough. Please leave us alone."

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