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Monday, March 12, 2007


Yellow Freesias in a Blue & White Vase from Lahore, Pakistan

© musafir

Back in 2005, a few months after I began participating in the blogosphere, posts by a few other bloggers caught my attention. Like my own, their blogs didn't attract thousands of readers every day. We were just making use of a mass medium to let ourselves go. Whether it was politics, personal observations about society and the nation, friends, books, movies, work, school, sharing our joys......and sorrows, blogs provided an outlet to express our feelings and we took it.

Among the bloggers that I established contact with was a young woman from Lahore, Pakistan. Bright, funny, irreverent. I was amused and impressed by her comments. "Contact" means e-mail and an occasional snail mail. The university which she attends is more than 2,000 miles away. That does not matter. What does is that despite the great difference in age and our circumstances there is a bond between us.

"M" is currently enrolled in a Master's program and would probably continue her studies for a doctorate. She went home for holidays last December and, on her return, sent me a blue and white ceramic vase that she carried all the way from Lahore. I am making good use of it, especially now that the bulbs I planted in fall are blooming. Sweet Peas will follow a month later.

Then there is "S", a recent acquaintance, in Brighton,UK, passionately involved in protesting the injustices in the Middle East. Marty in Florida who shared my views about Bush and the Republicans, and who encouraged me to write about Auschwitz and the holocaust. And "f", the Zen Buddhist in Texas, who has decided to stop blogging but continues to express herself in wonderful, sometimes quirky, digital photographs.

If it were not for the blogosphere I wouldn't have known any of them.

Freesias Ceramic Vase Lahore Pakistan

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