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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Catholic Fundos Go After Amnesty International


A Cardinal of the Catholic Church issued an edict to the faithful to stop contributing to Amnesty International because of its support of abortion rights. It is no different than fatwas issued by Islamic mullahs when they perceive something to be against their interpretation of the sharia (Islamic law). It must be welcome news for the Bush Administration which has been very active in taking away not only women's right to choose but also in restricting means of birth control and propagation of sex education to prevent unwanted pregnancies and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. The holier than thou hypocrites have a simple message: "Don't do it." Did they commit what President Bush once described as youthful indiscretions? Don't ask.

The Guardian

This really makes me sad ... Currently, I am enrolled in a Catholic course called "Just Faith" ..that our faith must encompass social justice..what is just about this?
But hopefully, most Catholics will do what we do with a lot of other stuff the Pope and the Vatican say... just ignore it..This Catholic will
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