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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Alarms and Diversions: They are coming, they are coming


The juju men are at it again. Their empire is crumbling. The president's support is ebbing away even among his hardcore followers. So the masters of dirty tricks brought out the cash cows -- 9/11 and threat of terrorism -- to recoup lost grounds. Time is running out and they are desperate. The rhetoric has changed. The bravado is missing. No more "Bring them on" (President Bush July 2, 2003) and "I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency." (VP Cheney June 20, 2005). Now they are ratcheting up the fear factor; if we don't fight them there (in Iraq) we'll be fighting them here in America.

The ploy worked in the past and paid them dividends. Following the president's press conference on July 12th, neocons are coming out of the woodworks to stress the threat from al-Qaeda, specifically al-Qaeda in Iraq. Iraq exposed the neocons' lies. It is in Iraq where more than 3900 of our soldiers have lost their lives; many more thousands injured. It is in Iraq that our money is going down a dark hole, billions of it.

All of a sudden there are reports from various sources about al-Qaeda's growing strength and plans to hit us in America. The usual suspects have joined in the campaign.

Despite all that is known about the lies and deceptions used to take the nation to war some Americans still believe in them, and they will buy it. Maybe it will give the neocons time to cook up something to buttress their position. There is nothing new about the fact that Islamic fundos want to harm America. It is also conceivable that the neocons are hoping for something to happen. There is a strong smell of orchestration in the recent warnings about threats of terrorist attacks. Before they go out kicking and screaming at the end of the Bush presidency they will do everything possible to muzzle dissent and sabotage the growing opposition to their pet war.


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