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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Senator Larry Craig - Another Two-faced Republican Exposed

A report dated August 27, 2007, in Roll Call, the Capitol Hill Newspaper, stated: "Craig Arrested, Pleads Guilty Following Incident in Airport Restroom but Says He Did Nothing Wrong." The incident took place on June 11, 2007.

That was about Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho. If it were not for their public positions about moral values one could feel sorry for people like Senator Craig. It must be difficult to repress your sexual feelings and present a sham facade in public. They froth at the mouth talking about evils of free sexuality. And the more strongly they denounce homosexuality, women's right to choose, and sex between unmarried couples, deeper the hole they dig for themselves. But they keep on doing it.

Against gay rights, against abortion (women's right to choose); against sex education (teaching of the use of condoms) in schools, against availability of the Morning After Pill (Plan B) without prescription to women over the age of 18, and a leading Republican gets caught soliciting sex in a public restroom! Bunch of hypocrites.

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